Ultra Music Festival reaches Global Success

This year, Ultra Music Festival finally arrived in Mexico and it definitely became one of the country’s new favorite events, over 120,000 attendees packed out Foro Pegaso to experience one of the most talked recognized festivals within the Electronic Music Scene. But the cheerful country was not the only one who got to experience this incredible “get-together”.

All 5 continents and 20 countries were home to Ultra during its 2017 World Tour. The newest addition to the list of 45 events, were 2 new full-scale festivals in China and Mexico and Road To Ultra in Mumbai and New Delhi.

Latin America got lucky with all the action that took place in the region:

  • Ultra Brasil expanded to a 3-day festival with over 90k fans attending.
  • The debut of powerful Ultra México.
  • 7 countries enjoyed RESISTANCE and Road to Ultra events over a course of ten days.

Before we all pack our bags and head out to Miami, residents of Cape-Town and Johannesburg will experience the festival this coming February along with another fresh addition of Road to Ultra in Melbourne, Australia.

No other festival has ever achieved what the Ultra brand accomplished this year, expectations for sure are high but with more than 1,000,000 people attending the events, it appears to be no ceiling in sight for the years to come.

  • Marcela Murillo

    The world's only vegan who doesn't constantly talk about being vegan. Also loves traveling, music (K-Pop <3 ), and outer space. Follow me on Instagram @yoomkae

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