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The Glen Check Experience

In case you are not aware by now, South Korea’s music scene has skyrocketed from some years until now. The boom in South Korean history probably began with Kpop, but there is so much more that the country has to offer. It is no coincidence they lead the region’s music scene. South Koreans are certainly trendsetters and had gained a gold medal for being on top of the music industry.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that a wide variety of genres are starting to gain more recognition by a global audience, so is the case of ingenious, avant-garde duo, Glen Check.  After a 4-long-year of hiatus they are back with The Glen Check Experience, their brand new EP since YOUTH!, in 2013.

Glen Check’s new creative direction portrays fresh sounds with sexy vocals that captivate listeners from the first beats until the end of each one of their tracks. They are part of the selected group of artists who successfully evolved from producing pop melodies to create a unique style that is hard to replicate for anybody else.
Glen Check took the time to answer a few questions so you can get to know them better!
Why do you write your lyrics in English?

GC: Because that’s what sounds the most natural for us. For the majority of our lives, we grew up listening to pop music and English lyrics is what we’re used to. We haven’t written anything in Korean so far but we may in the future.

Which sounds have influenced your music throughout time?

GC: Too many and so different for each of our album. We like to have specific concepts when we’re working on materials. For instance, our first album [Haute Couture] was really synth pop-inspired whereas [YOUTH!] was more rock and indie-pop. In our most recent album [The Glen Check Experience], we were really inspired by a lot of contemporary RnB along with sounds from the underground club scenes in Seoul as well as psychedelic rock. We really tried to pull elements from a diverse spectrum of genres for this particular album.

June One Kim X Krystal “I Don’t Wanna Love You” MV

What is the wow factor in one of your performances?                  

GC: We always try to make our live shows more appealing. One way is by rearranging our songs so that it sounds different from the original version on the album. We turn them into versions that have never been released so that it’s more interesting for our audiences – and for us too.

We also incorporate live visuals whenever possible because it adds those cool elements and helps us convey certain visual aspects that have been hard to convey through our recordings.

“Follow The White Rabbit” MV

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  • Marcela Murillo

    The world's only vegan who doesn't constantly talk about being vegan. Also loves traveling, music (K-Pop <3 ), and outer space. Follow me on Instagram @yoomkae

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