Steve Aoki’s remix to BTS

BTS has officially made its debut in the Western EDM world by releasing the new version of Mic Drop. Steve Aoki was in charge of remixing the catchy track.

The distinguished producer didn’t have an easy task, remixing one of the most acclaimed groups within the Kpop industry comes with big responsibilities. The track was already a hit so the expectations from ARMY’s (BTS’ fans) were high.

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The collaboration features Desiigner who added a powerful rap to the new version. But that’s not it, we can also hear the skilled members singing in English, which is a first time for the group. The premiere had a perfect timing, as it came out only a few days after BTS’ aggressively fun performance on the American Music Awards.

Apart from the track, we also got a new music video where we can see Aoki and the seven members in what seems to be a futuristic recording studio. The video reached 10M views only after 16 hours of its premiere. BTS killed their choreography -as always-, but Aoki’s mix seems to be missing some spark, it could have been an upgrade, but the original track is more dynamic.

Regardless of this, it’s exciting to see what’s in store for the South Koreans and the EDM realm in the months to come.

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  • Marcela Murillo

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